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Core Yarn Bases

Barefoot Sock eco-superwash 80% organic Merino/20% recycled nylon, 384m/115g, 3-ply
Kindred Fingering non-superwash 100% organic Merino, 400m/100g, 4-ply
Solstice Fingering non-superwash 100% organic Merino, 400m/100g, 2-ply
Aura Sport (new!) non-superwash 50% suri alpaca, 50% Merino, 300m/100g, 3-ply
Heirloom DK non-superwash 100% organic Merino, 225m/100g, 4-ply
Nostalgia Worsted non-superwash 100% organic Merino, 200m/100g, 4-ply
Cumulus Mohair non-superwash 70% kid mohair/30% silk, 435m/50g, single ply
Nimbus Suri (new!) non-superwash 74% suri alpaca/26% silk, 300m/50g, single ply

Seasonal Yarn Bases

Drift Fingering non-superwash 50% alpaca/25% silk/25% linen, 400m/100g, 3-ply
Drift DK non-superwash 50% alpaca/25% silk/25% linen, 250m/100g, 2-ply
Fieldling non-superwash 65% silk/35% linen, 448m/115g, 3-ply
Double Fieldling non-superwash 65% silk/35% linen, 224m/115g, 6-ply

Discontinued Yarn Bases

Barefoot Sock (virgin nylon) eco-superwash 80% organic Merino/20% nylon, 384m/115g, 3-ply
Kindred Fingering (non-organic) non-superwash 100% Merino, 400m/100g, 4-ply
Good Sport non-superwash 100% Merino, 256m/115g, 3-ply
Heirloom DK (non-organic) non-superwash 100% Merino, 225m/100g, 4-ply
Homebody Worsted eco-superwash 100% organic Merino, 192m/115g, 4-ply

See full base info here.


  • hand wash, cold
  • flay flat to dry


All photographs are representations of colour and although great care is taken to replicate colourways accurately, some variation may occur. Actual colours may also vary. Due to the nature of hand-dyed yarn, there will be some variation of the colours within skeins, creating a beautiful tonal effect.

Each skein is dyed with acid dyes, washed with an unscented and lanolin enriched soap, then rinsed. Some slight bleeding may still occur.
While every effort is made to ensure colour consistency, each skein will vary (even within the same dye lot). If making a garment with more than one skein, it is recommended to alternate your skeins to avoid pooling.

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